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Kathy Cridge: Some can’t see beyond their European ancestry

It made me so sad to see the article in The Union recently about a group who want Nevada County to be “non-sanctuary.”

A few weeks ago, my husband and I attended a Love Walk in downtown Grass Valley, in support of inclusiveness. Then this unidentified group, accusing immigrants from non-European countries of having an agenda (what would they suppose that agenda to be? The American Dream?).

The quote that “These people … they’re not interested in assimilating.” I wonder, has he tried reaching out or making friends with any people from “Syria and the Middle East” to understand their various religions and cultures (yes, many are Christians)? Taking classes at California State University, Sacramento, I see a student population that is amazingly diverse; people of all backgrounds walking, talking, eating and studying together.

How sad that some in our community cannot see beyond their European ancestry, and expressing “concern with a move toward multiculturalism that … will end in disaster.”

How sad to spend one’s life using their energy so negatively.

Kathy Cridge

Rough and Ready

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