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Kathryn Davis: Time for a change

After attending the recent forum held by the League of Women Voters for District 3 County Supervisor, I was struck by the distinctly different tone, energy and engagement of the candidates.

Being a retired bureaucrat, I can recognize the signs of burnout and frustration that can invade an elected official’s drive. While I have great admiration for public servants, I know it can be an uphill battle to retain the energy to make things happen. We were being asked by Supervisor Miller to favor his candidacy because of his long experience in the political trenches. I am more concerned with his oft-repeated sentiments that things just move slowly in government, that there are no options when a county is dependent on state funding, and a general downtrodden defensiveness that was conveyed by his answers.

His challenger, Hilary Hodge, spoke with passion for the work that must be done to make this community a better place, especially for working families. While her opponent cynically accused her of “butterflies and rainbow” thinking, I am drawn to her passion and drive to get things done. Hilary’s diversity of experience and community service is the strength that spurs me to support and now campaign for her.

Thank you for your service, Supervisor Miller, but I believe it is time to reinvigorate the board of supervisors with diverse experience, knowledge and approaches.

Kathryn Davis

Grass Valley

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