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Kathryn Davis: Marty Walters the best candidate

Why would anyone vote for Marty Walters? Because this year we can elect a real problem solver into Congress.

Marty’s education and experience have prepared her well to be our representative. She is a scientist with over 30 years of experience finding practical solutions to environmental, financial, and business problems. Her skills for digging into complex issues, persuading resistant stakeholders, and untangling international regulations are unparalleled in this political race.

An advocate for our district, Marty is passionate about fostering a new rural economy. Quality health care for all is one of her primary concerns. Her campaign style is to make personal contact with constituents, and District 1 residents support her as staff, volunteers, and donors. It is truly grass roots, with a focus on people over money, and she receives no PAC funding.

Marty listens and fields questions from every type of constituent, from liberal to conservative. She consistently acknowledges their concerns, shares her in-depth knowledge, holds her ground on her principles, identifies commonly held objectives, and ultimately gains their respect. No question, she is the best qualified to represent all the constituents in the large, diverse Congressional District 1.

Check her out at MartyWalters.com and on Facebook.

Kathryn Davis

Grass Valley

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