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Kathie Keefer: Ready, shoot, aim

Thank goodness the Sammie’s Friends contract is being renewed. What is unfortunate is Hilary Hodge’s inability to decide where her support should land.

Initially when the contract renewal was brought up at the League of Women Voters’ forum on April 17, Hilary said (The Union, April 21) “it is the right move” to take Sammie’s Friends contract to Placer County. Uh oh … the next day Hilary is backtracking on Facebook that she was “confused.”

Do we want a supervisor that makes a bold statement, without all the information, declares the county “derelict,” then rescinds her comments the next day, possibly to protect her campaign efforts?

I call that a ready-shoot-aim candidate. I am voting for Dan Miller for District 3 supervisor as he does his homework, owns three rescue pets, has a strong relationship with Cheryl Wick, Founder of Sammie’s Friends, and he responsibly holds his tongue until he has all the information.

Kathie Keefer

Grass Valley

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