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Katharine Wanamaker: Vote Shannan Moon for sheriff

A candidate for sheriff has emerged who in my opinion, is the clear frontrunner.

Shannan Moon is arguably the strongest and most qualified candidate in the race for Nevada County sheriff. I first met Shannan at the monthly Cup with a Cop months before she announced her candidacy for sheriff. I spent most of that morning with Shannan learning about the expansive role of the sheriff in our community while grilling her on different topics.

I found Shannan to be open to my questions and giving honest and transparent answers, while maintaining her composure and professionalism.

Since then I have seen Shannan in our community, giving back and making herself available to everyone. As the first woman in the history of Nevada County Sheriff’s Office to earn the ranks of sergeant, lieutenant and captain she has worked to pave the way for women in the sheriff’s office.

Shannan continues to expand her skills and knowledge that she can bring back to our community to make it a better and safer place for all residents. She was the driving force in changing the way in which we release inmates to aid them in a healthy and supportive transition back to our community. She understands the importance of transparency and honesty, for this reason I know that she will demand that from her department when she is elected sheriff.

In my opinion, Shannan is a welcomed change from previous sheriffs who valued secrecy and a closed-door policy. Are you ready for something different? Do you want transparency, openness and smart decision making from the sheriff’s department? Then you need to give your vote to Shannan Moon. Shannan Moon is the most qualified candidate running for Nevada County Sheriff.

Katharine Wanamaker

Nevada City

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