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Katharine Wanamaker: Jessica Holcombe the most qualified candidate

As the days pass we move closer and closer to our midterm elections. This election, like all elections, is an important one for both our county and congressional district.

We have a progressive and eager Democratic candidate fiercely looking to fill the seat of our current representative, Doug LaMalfa, and be the voice for us that he has not been. Jessica Holcombe is determined and focused; she will give LaMalfa a run for his money.

In my opinion, Jessica Holcombe is the most qualified and the strongest candidate. Jessica is a strong, self-made woman who has the drive and determination to replace LaMalfa. She knows how important it is to be the voice for all her constituents in Washington D.C. Jessica Holcombe knows rural California issues. Jessica will not back down, she will not be bought and will not let Washington ignore us. Jessica understands the importance of ensuring everyone earns a living wage and that working families are supported.

If you want something different. If you are sick of feeling like your voice isn’t being heard. If you’re tired of your representative continually going backwards not forwards, then Jessica Holcombe is a woman to get behind.

Katharine Wanamaker

Nevada City

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