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Kate Minyard: ‘Mansplain miss’ missed the mark

I found the “miss” in the Thanksgiving edition “Hits and Misses” quite harsh and incorrect, painting the entire “male gender” with the same negative brush.

I have personally seen and been exposed to the unacceptable behavior that now covers the news 24/7. However, it has surely been the exception rather than the rule. The men I have encountered in my life, at school, work, socially and personally have by far been respectful, thoughtful, and appropriate. They have been strong, dependable, and intelligent. They have been fathers, grandfathers, sons, veterans, my bosses, friends, coworkers, community leaders as well as strangers that have offered help, wisdom and kindness if I was in need.

Hopefully this recent dialogue of harassment will make it easier for those impacted by truly unacceptable situations to be more empowered to address it. Speaking for myself, as one woman, being female does not equal being a victim. Outside of the act of being assaulted, I am responsible to be my own initial best advocate to stop behavior I am uncomfortable with, at that time, when it happens.

I don’t fully understand the current culture of man shaming, which started even before all the harassment accusations on TV. I am blessed by and value the strengths and differences both genders bring that continue life to prosper.

Your “miss” was way off the mark.

Kate Minyard

Grass Valley

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