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Karl Meyers: What is organic?

I did some research and found that the Nevada Irrigation District (NID) uses Roundup as the main way to control weeds, in over 400 miles of the NID canals.

I contacted NID weed control and this was verified.

I asked why Roundup was being sprayed into the water system and the NID guy said it was the only thing that worked.

I said, “Oh, you won’t hire weed whackers because it is easier to just spray poisonous weed killers into the edge of the NID canals?”

If you use NID water for your crops and animals, just know that they are all drinking and eating a toxic weed killer. This was a sad day for me because I learned that my garden is watered by NID, now a poisoned water supply.

Karl Meyers

Grass Valley

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