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Karen Perry: Let PG&E know who’s really in charge

Many reactions to last week’s power shut off: anger, frustration, blame, and some noting the emergency preparedness value. Meaningful lessons. Thank you for that PG&E.

It’s well past time to own up to this society’s comfort and convenience addiction, delivered through the energy nipples we all suck on. We are no different than heroin addicts craving the next hit. We’ve created the PG&E monster, and must also be held accountable.

Our addiction makes our species weak. This latest experience proved how resilient we can be if pushed — how we can see in the dark, use clothing and blankets to climate control, use other means to store food, how we can survive with less. That’s empowering, without PG&E’s crutch.

We feed the PG&E monster through our demands. Ask less to change what you don’t like. Is that large refrigerator really needed? All those gizmo gadgets around your home? A hot shower every single day? Every time you flip that switch you have the power not to.

Let’s use that kind of power to fuel a new reality, and let the PG&E monster know who really is in charge.

Karen Perry


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