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Karen Koskey: Some facts about owls

In response the Other Voices column, “An Owl What?” — I commend Mr. Knaus for his commitment to take elementary students on nature field trips. However, as a raptor team member and chair of the education committee of Wildlife Rehabilitation & Release, I must point out a glaring error in his column.

He states “in the owl, the crop is muscular.” In fact, owls do not possess crops at all. While other raptors, such as hawks, do indeed have crops, owls do not. This is why, after a hawk digests a mouse, for example, and casts a pellet, it is almost entirely the fur of its meal, whereas in an owl pellet, you can recreate the skeleton of the critter it ate, as it goes directly to the owl’s stomach, and does not pass through a crop. Helping wildlife and educating the public about living with wildlife is our mission.

For more information on Wildlife Rehabilitation & Release, or to schedule an educational program with wildlife ambassadors (including owls) go to our website at http://www.CaWildlife911.org. Thank you.

Karen Koskey

Grass Valley

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