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Karen Chileski: I’m voting for Dan Miller

Dan Miller is running for re-election as District 3 Supervisor and knows that all taxes must be approved by the voters.

His opponent complains that the Board of Supervisors have been “derelict” in their duties to have a permanent cannabis ordinance pushed through before a tax measure is passed. Should we have a new ordinance in place and subsequently the tax measure fails, how will enforcement be funded?

Talk about cart before the horse! Without enforcement, disaster awaits.

Remember constituents, all taxes must be approved by voters. A qualified and informed candidate, Dan Miller, knows this. Our Board of Supervisors are determined not to make the same mistakes other grow counties are having to live with.

I am voting for Dan Miller for supervisor, District 3, as he will fight to keep marijuana out of the neighborhoods and take a calculated and informed approach to cultivation of medical marijuana.

Karen Chileski

Cedar Ridge

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