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Kaetlyn Lientz: Shout out to owners of Youngs Carpet One

I’ve had a handful of jobs and can confidently say I have never had a boss/management care about and acknowledge their employees like the guys and gals running Youngs!

I have wanted to show them my appreciation for a while now and I was never really sure what to do. I randomly went through The Union and saw a cute shout out in the letters to the editor section and thought I could at least start there.

The atmosphere of the office is awesome to walk into every day, thanks to the excellent staff members. The installers are super nice guys and the owners who are managing the company are some of the most amazing people I have ever had the pleasure of knowing!

So, if you ever see an ad out saying that Youngs Carpet One is hiring, I highly recommend you apply because I feel truly blessed to have been hired a little over two years ago. They are now more than just my coworkers, they are my friends and family.

Kaetlyn Lientz

Grass Valley

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