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Julia Carol: Unforeseen economic hardship

Dear Valued Energy Provider,

Pleased be advised that due to unforeseen economic hardship inflicted on our community due to the public safety power shutoffs caused by decades of knowingly inflicted negligence in equipment maintenance, some of your customers might have to refrain from paying our bill.

To find out if this will be happening, and for a map of those accounts, you can check here every day and try to capture the 12 digit code that will flash before you for a nano second. Then, please comply with the Captcha photo, selecting traffic signals, crosswalks or whatever, so we know you’re really you!

If you should find some of our payments shut off, please know we’re doing our best to restore payments as soon as possible. We are doing this payment shut off to protect you from further delusions of adequacy. Once we’re assured you’re a non-corrupt, safe utility company to invest in, we’ll resume our payments.

Thank you for your patience.

We’re giving you this notice so that you can make emergency financial plans. Be prepared!

Julia Carol

Grass Valley

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