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Judy Olson: The need for respect

This is a response to Cheryl Miller's letter (Nov. 12), in which she responded to Margaret Munson's recent letter, agreeing with the headline, "Enough with hate and indecency."

I, too agree … wholeheartedly … but not just regarding political parties but with everyone … everywhere! I especially liked that she went on to point out that synonyms for "despise" are "detest, hate, loathe."

She continued to mention that the president received a huge number of votes, which, we all know, resulted in him being declared the "runner-up" in Nov. 2016, and not the choice of the majority of voters. I suggest that Ms. Miller send a copy of her letter to "The Donald," highlighting parts of her last two paragraphs … about having "more respect for each other" and that "There is no place for name-calling, for hate language, for insults."

Hmmm … on second thought, she needn't bother. Unfortunately, it won't make a bit of difference.

Judy Olson

Grass Valley

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