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Judy Faller: Informing voters, but at what cost?

We received our 2020 Presidential Primary Election Book. The amount of money spent to inform our voters is over the top.

Amazing! Back in the ’40s and forward, we the voters received the same information then and now, but it was print on newspaper stock with black ink. Today it’s heavy card stock with far more colors of ink. Its size has gone from small as a Reader’s Digest to an 8 1/2 by 11-inch coffee table book.

My burning question is: how much was spent in the newspaper era in comparison to now, with the bottomless budget spent today to inform our voters?

It would be interesting to ask our community if their vote changes because of that book they hold today or would they favor the savings be spent on helping our needy with housing and food — and kids with school supplies or musical instruments.

Our tax dollar is an earned income, not a pot of gold.

Judy Faller

Grass Valley

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