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Judi McKeehan: The lack of civil discourse

I, too, like Nancy Garcia wrote in her “Other Voices,” am dismayed by the lack of civil discourse in American society these days.

I remember fondly when we all could discuss our opinions and listen to others with respect and openness. I disagree, though, with the source of this change.

In fact, I wrote a letter to The Union over 20 years ago protesting the decline of civility, when it first started with Rush Limbaugh. I remember being shocked at the name calling, and belittling of those he disagreed with. This all started and continues with the conservative media.

And now, we have President Trump who daily rips into people in a disgusting manner, and lies incessantly. As of May 1, The Fact Checker reports that his misstatements in 366 days topped 3,000.

If you want to return to an atmosphere of respect for others, start with insisting that the head of our national government be an example that we should all follow.

Judi McKeehan

Nevada City

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