Joyce Hoffman: With thanks to my newspaper carrier |

Joyce Hoffman: With thanks to my newspaper carrier

To our Leah, our daily deliverer of The Union,

Larry and I thank you for trucking through our neighborhoods at ungodly hours of the morning to keep us informed of the latest our town has to offer.

And, thank you for “handing” the paper to me last week. It was still warm from your car. I must tell you one of my favorite holiday stories:

Many years ago, while living here on North Auburn Street, we wanted to give a gift to our newspaper carrier for the holidays. And so I ventured down our steep steps and out to the gate and waited in the darkest early hours of morning. It was terribly cold and I star-gazed to pass the time while waiting for our paper. I saw a shooting star and determined that it had to be a “good omen.”

After my toes were frozen and I began to lose hope for the newspaper delivery, I saw car headlights come up our street. At last!

I brought the gift out of my pocket. The car came up the hill quickly. Somebody from within the dark interior of the car threw the newspaper bundle so quickly and so hard that it hit me in my gut and knocked the air out of me.

Onward! That car flew up the hill never stopping for the gift, or to notice if anybody had been standing at the gate waiting for him/her.

And, although we prefer the personal touch, since that morning, we always mail our carrier’s gifts. You know, it’s probably safer anyway. Thanks again for your courtesy.

Joyce Hoffman

Grass Valley

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