Joyce Hoffman: Stop ongoing tax increases |

Joyce Hoffman: Stop ongoing tax increases

The need for fire and police protection is understandable, and our older streets are safety hazards. What concerns me is whether or not the money from Measure E would be applied toward the things that voters are expecting. There are two reasons why I question this.

First: The scary scenarios from other California cities I read about is that the tax initiatives meant to remedy the very things that Measure E is supposed to fix haven’t helped. Instead the monies gathered are spent paying pension plans for City or State employees. See

Second: Measure N was approved to take care of the same issues as Measure E. How was that tax money used to address the issues that are still unresolved? How do we know what the money will be used for? If we trusted the City before by approving an additional tax and we still see a problem, then why trust them again?

I will not vote for more taxes unless I know exactly where the money is going to be spent. Everything is getting more expensive and my income isn’t keeping up with the costs. We must draw the line and stop the ongoing, increased taxation.

Joyce M. Hoffman

Grass Valley

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