Joyce Hoffman: Pay more taxes for less? No thanks |

Joyce Hoffman: Pay more taxes for less? No thanks

In regard to the recent tax initiative for more police and fire personnel, I remind readers that Prop. N was intended to remedy not only those issues but also improve our roads.

Today when I walk by or through the city parks I see more drug dealers and their clientele than children playing. The play equipment is fine, but cigarette butts and empty bottles lay in the sand around the slides and our streets are still just one step shy of being gravel roads in the downtown area (See Richardson, Eureka, No. Auburn streets, etc.).

A few years ago, the Grass Valley City Council hired a new director and counsel, both at very high prices. Since then, we’ve lost our parking patrol, the officers that used to walk the streets and frequent the playgrounds. And now homeowners are responsible to fix the sidewalks in front of their homes.

Pay more and receive less? No thanks.

Joyce M. Hoffman

Grass Valley

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