John Zimmerman: Tax plan misguided and destructive |

John Zimmerman: Tax plan misguided and destructive

The Republican Congress is currently working on a tax plan that defies all logic and reason.

In a time of increasing inequality, rising deficits, and crumbling infrastructure, their plan will bust the budget only to give giant tax breaks to large corporation and the upper 1 percent. It increases the complexity of an already extremely complex tax code and ensures the rich and powerful become even more rich and powerful, giving major financial bonuses to likes of Ivanka Trump and Paris Hilton by eliminating the inheritance tax.

Their plan will further harm the lower and middle classes by increasing their taxes, especially here in California, and its deficit increases will eventually be used as the excuse to cut Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid.

Call your representative, Doug LaMalfa at 530-878-5035 to express your concerns about this terribly misguided and destructive piece of legislation.

John E. Zimmerman

Grass Valley

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