John Watson: Hilary Hodge for county supervisor |

John Watson: Hilary Hodge for county supervisor

I attended the April 17 Food & Farming Candidate Forum at the Nevada Theatre, and I thought Nevada County District 3 supervisor candidate Hilary Hodge really stood out for all the right reasons.

The topic was the local food and farming economy, and Hodge eloquently discussed the need to protect our small farms and farmers, plus our community’s food security. Featured in The Union for her work with Gold Country Gleaners (July 12, 2014), she emphasized her long involvement in local food pantry programs. She pointedly noted that we have too long relied on nonprofits to feed the poor, an unsustainable situation that can only be remedied by a governmental commitment to infrastructure and support for the region’s nonprofit pantries.

Hodge’s progressive platform addresses under-represented populations, affordable housing, homelessness and universal access to education. Nevada County needs the level-headed leadership that she will provide as county supervisor.

I highly recommend Hilary Hodge for supervisor!

John Watson

Nevada City

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