John Keane: Mother Nature can fix stupid |

John Keane: Mother Nature can fix stupid

It has been said that “you can’t fix stupid.” Well, you and I can’t ,but Mother Nature can, has and will again. She provides and shares with us the abundance, beauty and balance of her creative urge. She allows and encourages us to be creators ourselves and to share in the adventure and the fulfillment that comes with creativity.

All that is demanded of us is that we be reasonably good stewards of the Earth and maintain a certain balance. But Mother Nature doesn’t care what we do.

Consider that you decide to build a house in the woods under a magnificent oak tree, then you cut down all the trees around it. One day a wind comes along, and now without the protection of the forest, the tree blows down and crushes the house.

Does this mean that Mother Nature hates houses? No. If the people aren’t in the house when the tree falls, they might learn a lesson. If they are in the house, well, ashes to ashes, etc. This is how Mother Nature fixes stupid.

As has happened many times before we are faced with a worldwide pandemic. Many believe this is a hoax or a conspiracy. Mother Nature doesn’t care what you believe and she doesn’t do hoaxes. If you would rather spend money on snake oil when a proven preventative is free, go for it. Mother Nature doesn’t care.

If you want to act on the advice of every con man and political hack on the internet or TV, while putting yourself, your community and your own children at risk ,just remember, Mother Nature bats last.

John Keane

Grass Valley

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