John Brady: Opinions on Trump hit the mark |

John Brady: Opinions on Trump hit the mark

John Brady
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Don Rogers hit it out of the park with his “A wall against reality” column on Jan. 11. He exploded the fragile mythology of a southern border in “crisis,” teaming with criminals, illegals and non-English speakers to boot.

Yes, the dreaded Central Americans are on the march to overwhelm our golf courses with caddies, our roofs with shingles, our restaurants with service, our crops with backbreaking labor and low wages. Not a real big disaster unless you get all excited by misleading reports from Fox News, the propaganda network of the proud conservative movement, sometimes compared to the media efforts of German propagandist Dr. Gobbles. Cleverly, Fox includes excellent sports news.

Heard the story of Trump and Obama in Heaven? Obama walks by the Throne of God and God says, “What you doing up here, Obama?” Obama says, “Just some golf and gambling.” God says OK.

Trump walks by and gets the same query from the Almighty. Trump says to God, in a petulant moment, “I believe you are sitting in my chair.”

Yet another first rate exploration into the nature of the Trump reign of error was found on the same editorial page where Jacqueline Finley explores the pros and cons of impeaching the Narcissist in Chief. She speaks of Trump’s “delusions, bad behavior, and glaring lack of competence as a leader” among other minor shortcomings. Generous to a fault, she displays a distaste for vulgarity, noting it only alienates.

I embrace this kindly and practical attitude, and urge others to refrain from asserting, for example, Mr. Trump is “lower than a snakes belly” or a “racist,” or, as Jennifer Rubin of the Washington Post refers to our president, an “Arrogant Fool.” No matter how accurate, these sort of remarks are, well, a little disconcerting.

The Post calculates over 7,500 misleading statements and outright lies have come forth from the lips or poison pen of Mr. Trump while in office the last two years. Perhaps he does deserve some respect for an energetic display of opinion unperturbed by facts.

Next? More nonsense justifying Trump’s obscene shutdown and threats towards California residents that he may rescind money already flowing to the state for Paradise disaster — or were they tweet threats about new funding should disaster strike again? Spreading fear almost seems like a hobby for this chief executive.

Impeach Mr. Trump? Sure. The more clarity investigations can bring, the sooner the better. The task needs to be as broad based as possible, since treason is by no means the only potential criminal activity. The way they got Al Capone was not for murder, but for taxes. Waiting for the Muller report that will be “filtered” by the White House is waiting for a near total blacked out report, “redacted,” as they say.

The House should move quickly to investigate and share what Americans deserve to know.

John Brady lives in Grass Valley.

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