Joe Vielbig: Thank you Grass Valley Police |

Joe Vielbig: Thank you Grass Valley Police

Saturday noon went shopping to Penney’s; my wife was in the store and I was walking to join her.

As I was walking past a raised planter I accidently hit the 5-inch curb with my right foot, lost my balance and fell on my back.

My concern was not being able to get up — at 91 getting up is not easily done.

Two Grass Valley policemen, seeing me fall, stopped their vehicle and rushed over to aid me, one of them lifted me up to a standing position. They took me over to their vehicle, brushed off my back, pulling out sharp spikes from the bush and one from my right palm and noticed slight bleeding from my right thumb, cleansed it and put on a Band-Aid.

A lady who was in front of Penney’s saw and recognized me with the policemen and came over – she is a church friend. After I thanked the policemen, she escorted me Into Penney’s, found a place for me to sit down and went to find my wife.

At home, my wife noticed several bruises from the fall but no injuries.

I appreciate the policemen for their quick response – especially helping me up, brushing me off and checking to make sure I was alright.

I also thank my friend for escorting me to a resting area and contacting/appraising my wife.

We have lived about 26 years in this area and are pleased to be surrounded by such a helpful community and people.

Joe Vielbig

Grass Valley

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