Joe Vielbig: PG&E owes customers for their shutdown losses |

Joe Vielbig: PG&E owes customers for their shutdown losses

A spokesman for PG&E stated that “possibility of strong winds, and other hazardous weather conditions, as the reason for the shut off.” He also stated that “utility companies are not mandated to shut off power” and that “it is a utility company’s voluntary action.”

The PG&E president in a radio broadcast stated excuses, not reasons, to justify the shut off.

We live in Grass Valley at the Nevada City and Grass Valley border and the day before and during the shut off there wasn’t a speck of a breeze in our area. Many are wondering why the shut off. The residents were not only inconvenienced but most had to throw away spoiled food caused by the three to five day shut off incurring substantial costs, most small businesses had to shut down which caused them substantial loss of revenue and no jobs, many large businesses closed and some of the large grocery stores which were closed had to get rid of perishables and their employees were out of work losing income. Only one gasoline station was open where there was a mile long waiting line where drivers had up to 2½ hours waiting time to be serviced.

My question to the PG&E president is: Are these people and businesses going to be compensated by PG&E for their losses? If not, why not?

The weather conditions in the greater Grass Valley area were calm with no breeze of any sort! My thoughts are that the management members who decided to cause the shutdown should be reassigned to clerical positions where their lack of judgment will not cause any such future disastrous consequences as did the recent shut off.

Joe Vielbig

Grass Valley

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