Joanne Bolton: Catching Chummy |

Joanne Bolton: Catching Chummy

Tuesday afternoon as I was depositing a check in Union Bank, my husband was with our two dogs, Ginger and Chummy, waiting outside.

Chummy got spooked and got away, and made a bee-line for home, toward Mill Street. One lady and her daughter took Ginger, my husband and a lady getting cash out of the ATM dashed after Chummy, his long leash rattling after him. She ran on as Chummy turned down Neal Street heading towards the creek side of Mill Street. She saw a young man at the corner and yelled for him to catch the dog, which he did. Everyone involved melted away, but not from my heart.

Happy story. Four neighbors we do not know helped save our dog from certain injury or worse on busy Mill Street.

We love you, just as for the last almost two years we have loved our new home Grass Valley.

Within walking distance of downtown we are often seen with our dogs. Chummy is new to us, a 7-year-old kennel stud Tibetan Terrier who now has a retirement forever home in happy Grass Valley, where neighbors are how you dream neighbors can be. We are teaching him what a real life can be like, but he still gets easily spooked.

Thank you to our Grass Valley neighbors for giving Chummy a second chance.

Joanne Bolton

Grass Valley

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