Joanna Robinson: John Foster has experience and breadth of vision |

Joanna Robinson: John Foster has experience and breadth of vision

I’m voting for John Foster because when he was the police chief in Grass Valley he was terrifically helpful in the work we were doing on homeless issues.

I admired his intelligence, compassion, and honesty, and drew inspiration from his steadfast commitment to using his authority for the good of all — including homeless community members. John embodies all the excellent features of community policing, a law enforcement style that focuses on partnerships and positive relationships. He and the police force he led worked with the homeless community, including its advocates, in a spirit of fairness and goodwill that solved many problems, often heading them off before they began.

John is an unusual, very gifted law enforcement officer. We’re lucky to have such a person in our community. Take a minute and look at his website — it’s remarkable.

I don’t say this lightly: John transcends the gender consideration that sees value in having a female sheriff. I’m all for voting women into office, but in this case discernment compels me to vote for a man whose experience and breadth of vision has inspired me.

Joanna Robinson

Nevada City

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