Jo Ann Rebane: SB 993 a bad bill |

Jo Ann Rebane: SB 993 a bad bill

SB 993 is an amendment to the Revenue and Taxation Code. If this bad bill is allowed to proceed through committee and make its way through the legislative process it would require everyone who provides a service, (gardener, barber, computer guru, lawyer, personal trainer,,,) to collect from you a 3 percent tax on top of their regular bill.

Imagine the burden SB 993 would place on the yoga instructor and the dry cleaner! Imagine the size of the bureaucracy and cost to administer such a new tax. You can urge the Governance and Finance Committee to kill SB 993 before it kills the California economy and harms businesses and customers, all of us.

Visit and send the committee chair an email.

Jo Ann Rebane

Nevada City

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