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Jim Moss: Here’s why you should buy locally

Buy local — why? I think I have one good answer to that question by experiencing it.

My brother, Andy, and his wife, moved to Lake Wildwood from Long Island, N.Y. about two months ago. They didn’t know anyone in Nevada County. He bought a house, and of course, had a million things he wanted done to make it his home.

In comes Chuck Lackey of Young’s Carpet, where Andy went to get pricing on carpeting for one bedroom. With the help of Chuck, Andy was able to get recommendations for a plumber, a electrician and handyman and all were crackerjack craftsmen — fair and affordable. That’s the kind of customer service you don’t see too often.

For the 20 years I’ve lived here I heard thousands of times the constant plea to “shop local” because the taxes stay local. Well, here is one example how to motivate the customer to buy locally. Andy has carpeted the entire house, employed the handyman and electrician and plumber and considers Young’s Carpet and Chuck true helpful friends. “Buy local” worked.

Jim Moss

Lake Wildwood

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