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Jim Goetsch: ‘Legal’ cannabis will cost community in many ways

I’ve been following the progress of the Cannabis Community Advisory Group in The Union. It appeared to me that most on the committee favored the production and distribution of marijuana in the local area; so, I was not surprised to see recommendations to advance the cause of cannabis from that committee.

I oppose this furthering of the cannabis production and distribution in Nevada County. While the “legal” control of cannabis may generate funds for the local government, I predict it will generate more of the illegal activities that we already see in the county:

1. Robberies of cannabis and cash from growers,

2. Fights between growers that have already generated medical emergencies,

3. Illegal growing of more cannabis than is permitted under any “legal” framework,

4. Black market growing and distribution outside the “legal” framework,

5. Ready availability to young people whose mental and physical development will be adversely affected,

6. Increases in driving accidents and fatalities caused by diminished control “under the influence,” etc.

I have used “legal” in quotation marks because the “legalization” of marijuana in this state is contrary to federal laws regarding its growing and use. Money and political power have been instrumental in the state’s legalization of cannabis for generating taxes.

However, as in the use of most mind-altering drugs, the downside will cost all of us in ways we can only imagine right now.

Jim Goetsch

Lake of the Pines

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