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Jim Corcoran: Vote for Patrick Henry Jones

Residents of California’s Assembly District 1 have an opportunity to choose someone to represent our interests in the far north of our state. Our interests here are so different that we are almost a colony of the metropolitan and coastal regions, which do not understand our needs. We have a chance to elect someone who will fight for us if we choose wisely.

A Democrat has virtually no chance of winning in our district, so the remaining four candidates must be considered. Lane Rickard says he wants to fight for our interests, but considers saving the dams on the Klamath a lost cause. He is not interested in promoting the possibility of forming a new northern state, which could radically advance our prosperity here; it is business as usual for him.

Joe Turner, a retired soldier, loves this country and the north state, but is poorly funded. Megan Dahle, wife of our state senator, says that saving our dams is a federal issue; she does not want to commit to that fight or to the advancement of a state split. How could she help us? Do we really want to place all of our representation in Sacramento with one family? That seems unwise to me.

That leaves Patrick Henry Jones, a long time resident of Redding and former mayor there. Jones is committed to our interests, such as forest management, water rights, and the possibility of a new state which would allow us to prosper unhindered by California bureaucracy. For Jones to win, the residents of District 1 need to return their ballots, recognizing the opportunity before us.

Jim Corcoran


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