Jerry Henderson: Hilary for the people |

Jerry Henderson: Hilary for the people

Residents of Nevada County District 3 face a decision. Do you vote for the candidate who has the support of the “Good ole boy and good ole girl network,” or do you vote for Hilary Hodge who will represent all the people?

I’m tired of “this is the way we always do it.” I’m ready for Hilary Hodge who brings a dynamic vision to the operations of the Board of Supervisors.

We need more job-creating businesses in Nevada County. Hilary understands that the county should put more resources towards helping local businesses grow. She will be an additional voice on the board to get those resources for our local businesses. Her work as executive director of Sierra Commons shows that investing in local entrepreneurs produces a high return on investment.

Everyone agrees that we need greater access to high-speed internet. It’s like apple pie. We all like apple pie, but who will bake the apple pie? Hilary will be the baker. She will take the lead to get us high-speed internet. It all comes down to leadership and vision. Vote for Hilary.

Jerry Henderson

Grass Valley

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