Jeff Pelline: You can’t make this stuff up! |

Jeff Pelline: You can’t make this stuff up!

The Union needs to start fact-checking George Boardman’s columns. Last week, he wrote that I “objected to” a Nevada County Tea Party proposal to install “liberty trees” and a bench at Western Gateway Park.

Huh? I didn’t “object” to it; I just observed that the group was making itself at home down there.

I counted at least four published corrections in George’s column in 2017 alone (Sept. 10, Aug. 27, May 21, and April 2). George has a hard time being accountable too, as in “based on inaccurate information provided by KNCO, I wrote that Dan Miller was starting his 12th season as a commentator on broadcasts of Nevada Union football games. This is actually his 18th season.” George, it’s a small town; check with Dan instead of blaming KNCO.

As George would put it, “You can’t make this stuff up!”

Jeff Pelline

Nevada City

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