Jeff Loberg: What about Obama’s shenanigans? |

Jeff Loberg: What about Obama’s shenanigans?

So Congressman Jerry Nadler claims there’s justification for proceeding with impeachment hearings against President Trump. Well justification for investigating the Obama Administration and all its efforts to overthrow the Trump Administration, even before it began, has more than been proven!

The Obama Administration was as corrupt as any Mafia family; as any third-world dictatorship. From the IRS targeting of conservative groups to the NSA phone-tapping of ordinary citizens to the bugging of conservative journalists phones (including their parents), there are plenty of people associated with Obama who warrant at least investigating, and truthfully should be thrown in prison for their crimes.

Attorney General Bill Barr is doing the right thing by collecting a team to look into just why Trump was targeted in the first place. It is my hope that Obama and his minions are taken down for all of their illegal activities.

Jeff Loberg

Penn Valley

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