Jeff Loberg: Stop dumping on Trump |

Jeff Loberg: Stop dumping on Trump

For two years now the American public has been subjected to a constant barrage of negative press toward President Trump and his administration, mostly with no basis other than to paint our president in a negative light.

The witch hunt Mueller committee has nothing on Trump, and continues pursuing avenues not even related to what the committee was created for. In the end, it will be found the president did not collude with the Russians before or during the campaign, and millions of taxpayer dollars will have gone to waste on unfounded accusations.

I’m also confident that the real culprits in the Russian scandal were Obama Administration operatives and America’s chief crime family, the Clintons, who were very well connected to the Russian government. Can you say “Uranium One?”

The 2016 election featured two flawed candidates. The loser simply had more flaws and trust issues than Trump.

Jeff Loberg

Penn Valley

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