Jeff Loberg: Progressives more like ‘regressives’ |

Jeff Loberg: Progressives more like ‘regressives’

Progressives more like ‘regressives’

I constantly hear the term “progressive” when references are made regarding many liberal Democrat Party politicians and, lately, the clown car of wannabe Democrat presidential hopefuls.

Progressive by definition means to improve; to move forward; to progress. With regard to the rag-tag crop of candidates this seems to be a term of contradiction. None of these candidates will move the country forward with their socialist ideas or liberal agenda. To return to “the good old days” of Obama and its stifling taxation and over-the-top regulations is not progressive either.

This bunch should be referred to as “regressives,” because that’s exactly what they will do with our current booming economy.

Jeff Loberg

Penn Valley

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