Jeff Loberg: Mental illness and guns |

Jeff Loberg: Mental illness and guns

Until January 29, 1979, when a mentally unstable 16-year-old girl named Brenda Spencer shot and killed two employees, a janitor and a principal of the Cleveland Elementary School in San Diego from her home across the street, school shooting incidences were virtually unheard of.

Since then, unfortunately, they have grown in number and frequency, to the point of being commonplace. The one common thread to all of these events is mental illness.

Yeah, I know in most cases a firearm was used, but not all. Just several weeks ago a deranged student in Kentucky went on a rampage down a hallway of his high school stabbing people with large knives. But we’re not hearing any talk about banning those weapons; only guns.

We don’t hear liberals calling for cars to be banned either after incidents of crazy people intentionally running innocent civilians over. Guns by themselves don’t kill people; they can’t! Only in the hands of those people with criminal intent or the mentally deficient does a firearm become a lethal weapon.

Prevention of persons with mental illness from possessing weaponry must become a priority instead of more anti-gun laws.

Jeff Loberg

Penn Valley

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