Jeff Loberg: Equal justice; investigate Biden |

Jeff Loberg: Equal justice; investigate Biden

Now that Democrats are willing to take steps toward impeachment of our duly elected President Trump, will they also be willing to investigate Joe Biden and his illegal acts? Highly doubtful!

Trump is being accused of an offense that Joe Biden admitted to doing during his last year as vice president; an offense that had the blessing of his boss Barack Obama. We all know that Democrats are held to a much lower standard than Republicans and this impeachment nonsense proves it!

Trump released the unredacted transcript of his phone conversation with the Ukrainian president. The question is, will Biden release his incriminating transcript for all to see? Don’t look for that to happen!

Joe Biden pulled many strings many times to get his son Hunter many different jobs and positions, many of which were suspicious in nature. His blackmail of the Ukrainian president was clearly a violation and impeachable! Again, it comes down to double standards.

If Trump is impeached, then something should also happen to Biden and Obama. Equal justice!

Jeff Loberg

Penn Valley

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