Jeff Kotowski: Why I’m voting for Trump |

Jeff Kotowski: Why I’m voting for Trump

Yes, I will vote for Donald Trump. Yes, I know he went against the international interests of the United States by extorting Ukraine to announce an investigation into Biden’s son. Yes, I know of his many improper sexual transgressions. Yes I am aware of his numerous bankruptcies. Yes, I know he even stole money from charities intended to help our veterans. I do not pretend to justify these actions, instead I point to the good he is doing.

Let’s face facts. We are under deluge from criminal immigrants bent on destroying the American way of life. We are besieged by scientists, liberals, humanists and atheists who refuse to honor the Christian origins of our Constitution. We have seen the emasculation of our society by this unholy alliance.

The end of times are near and Donald Trump is our only choice to return this country to a nation of God!

Jeff Kotowski

Nevada City

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