Jeff Kotowski: The cult of reality denial |

Jeff Kotowski: The cult of reality denial

When it is simply irrefutable that the earth is over 4 billion years old, how is it that so many people can think the earth is less than 10,000 years old?

When vaccines save more lives and help more people than any human invention, how is it that so many people refuse to be immunized?

When advancements in biology and science do so much to better our daily lives, how is it that so many people deny the reality of evolution?

When we have made so many advancements in logic and reason, how is it that so many people can simply ignore or rationalize evidence that does not fit their internal narrative?

This cult of reality denial cannot be blamed on the usual suspects. The answer should be obvious, but there is a taboo in our country against criticizing the most caustic group of people in the United States today. The cult of reality denial is led by conservative Christians. It is aided and abetted by the refusal of middle-of-the-road reasonable people to criticize the religious right.

Be it lessons from turn-the-other-cheek to cast-the-first-stone, the cult of reality denial has bastardized and twisted sound advice in order to justify discrimination. They actively encourage the denial of any evidence that is not to their liking. They rewrite history and now support a political sociopath bent on destroying America.

It is time to recognize the harm conservative Christians are doing to this country. We can no longer live by the taboo of refusing to criticize this cult of religious radicals.

Jeff Kotowski

Nevada City

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