Jeff Kane: LaMalfa doesn’t have our backs |

Jeff Kane: LaMalfa doesn’t have our backs

LaMalfa doesn’t have our backs

Until recently, Rep. Doug LaMalfa opposed raising the national debt.

On his website only a month ago, he wrote, “Today our nation faces $16 trillion in debt, much of it owed to foreign countries hostile to our economic interests and way of life. While some believe that these challenges can simply be put off to a later date, I believe that the time to act against higher borrowing is now.”

You might wonder, then, why Mr. LaMalfa voted for the now-passed Republican tax bill, which Congress’ own Joint Committee on Taxation predicts will raise the national debt by over $1 trillion. He no longer mentions that issue on his website. In addition, this law drastically reduces tax deductions for the mortgage interest and local taxes that Californians pay.

Let’s face it: Mr. LaMalfa doesn’t have our backs. He only supports the interests of his Washington political bosses. Congressional District 1 needs a genuine leader, not this lockstep follower.

Jeff Kane

Nevada City

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