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Jeff Gunn-Smith: Tax cuts for rich more important than gun safety

During wartime our military has a euphemism for innocents killed during enemy conflict. They call it “collateral damage.”

It seems that America’s gun lobby views school shootings as collateral damage to their primary function of the manufacturing and distribution of weapons of mass destruction.

Remember after the Las Vegas massacre there was intense conversation about outlawing bump-stocks? Even that bastion of rectitude, the NRA, indicated they might allow legislation along those lines. Our Republican Congress, after consulting with their donor class, decided it was more important to give tax cuts to the wealthy than protect the lives of American children.

Perhaps if the children of our feckless Republican leaders become the next victims of senseless slaughter we will see some legislation to address our national obsession with guns.

I am not holding my breath.

Jeff A. Gunn-Smith

Grass Valley


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