Jeannie Wood: Scooter and I are blessed |

Jeannie Wood: Scooter and I are blessed

This past couple of months have not been easy, as I am still grieving the loss of my beloved dog, Scooter, who was killed by two pit bull mixes in February, while we were on our morning walk.

What makes this loss bearable is the incredible support and love I feel in this community. Everywhere I go, people have been coming up to me to express their condolences. Your hugs fill my void. Your expressions of love through emails, texts, flowers, cards, and phone calls warm my heart. Last, but not least, your presence and testimonies in court, verbal and written, is a testament to justice for our furry friends.

Thank you all from the bottom of my heart. Scooter and I are blessed.

Jeannie Wood

Nevada City

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