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Janis McGregor: One of best ‘Other Voices’ I’ve read

I want to congratulate Cheryl Cook on one of the best Other Voices columns I have read in The Union.

I worked in Children’s Services with Cheryl many years ago, but in a different role. I was a Child Placement worker both in the foster care area and then in Children’s Residential Placement.

Some of the children I worked with had been the victims of sexual abuse and I can verify the ongoing damage these children suffered as a result of this abuse.

I was always impressed by the skill displayed by the Protective Services worker who first interviewed these children and was able to get them to trust enough to open up about their situation.

I can also state that I never witnessed a perpetrator who admitted his abuse.

The current situation with a President of the United States essentially supporting a man accused of child sexual abuse is so disturbing, but given the past accusations against this president, not surprising.

To have the current political issue in Alabama cloaked under the banner of Christianity is all the more disturbing.

Janis McGregor

Grass Valley

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