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Janet Collins: Unexpected event prompts outpouring of love

Before the Martin Luther King Day concert at the Nevada Theatre began, choir members gathered around a person on the stage floor as someone performed CPR.

People in the choirs and audience prayed. Some sang The Lord’s Prayer. When the ambulance arrived, both audience and choir members were asked to go outside and wait. We did so, and some consoled each other with hugs and prayers. I learned that the woman who was taken by the ambulance was named Elta Barber.

Then we went back inside and the concert began. The choirs from Nevada City United Methodist Church and Bethel African Episcopal Church in Marysville have sung together on this holiday for many years. The music was beautiful and inspiring. Ms. Barber would have sung a solo. The following song was “No Reason to Fear.” It was encouraging to hear that. Just before the concert ended Ms. Barber’s daughter returned with the news that her mother was in the hospital and expected to recover.

This was not just another concert. The way people of various races and religions in the choir and audience came together with an outpouring of love and compassion would have made Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. proud.

Janet Collins

Grass Valley

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