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Janet Clinger: An open letter to Congressman LaMalfa

I attended your town hall meeting in Grass Valley recently and heard you say that gun control was not effective in saving lives. Two recent studies from Boston University found that this is not the case.

Please read the article in the San Francisco Chronicle, “Gun Laws Give Hope Against Violence,” (Aug. 11). “States such as California that require universal background checks for gun purchases, prohibit violent misdemeanor offenders from buying firearms, and impose strict restrictions on who can carry guns in public have homicide rates 35% lower than states with none of these protections in place, the studies found.”

If we can save even one life by making these kind of gun control laws mandatory throughout the country, we are starting down the right path. Certainly banning assault weapons of war should be next.

I hope you will take the time to look at these studies and change your position on gun control. Lives may depend on it.

Janet Clinger

Grass Valley

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