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Jane Price: What are Caltrans’ priorities?

I have lived off of Oak Tree Road in North San Juan for 25 years. Oak Tree is a curvy tree-lined road, yet it does not have many traffic accidents.

For some reason the California Department of Transportation decided that it needed signage at every curve. So now we have not one, but three bright yellow and black chevrons at every curve — a blight on nature.

There are now 50-plus (including both directions) new signs in the three-mile span. Really.

I was complaining to a friend the other day and he said they did the same thing out on Lake Vera Road. He is incensed.

What’s going on at Caltrans? This is not only a big waste of money but a huge eyesore. I’m sure the department has plenty to do but this is a waste. If they need a job, how about going down to Purdon Crossing and screw down the bolts on the bridge bed that are sticking up 1 to 2 inches for years? I see a flat tire issue soon.

I thank Caltrans for all the good work they have done in the past 43 years I’ve lived in this county. So please stop using money and energy on not-needed signs that destroy the beauty of these county roads.

Jane Price

North San Juan

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