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Jan Taché: Do your own research

I’m weary of labels — red, blue, conspiracy theorist, luddite. Yesterday’s conspiracy theory is often today’s accepted fact. Think cigarettes, DDT, asbestos. A democracy requires that we the people ask questions, think for ourselves.

For instance, these days our media is corporate-owned, government controlled. Stories that conflict with these interests or advertisers are often hushed up.

Some examples: it is not commonly understood that the CDC, pusher of mandatory vaccines, is not a government agency, but is largely financed by Merck. Or that 5G, being rolled out now by the telecom industry, is admittedly completely untested on biological life forms. Remember when we were lied to about “weapons of mass destruction?” I believe in allowing and pondering alternate incoming information, maybe especially if uncomfortable. And I value those with the courage to publicly ask questions, like Reinette Senum.

Today governmental regulatory agencies are often revolving doors for industry insiders. Products like Round-up, drugs, vaccines, wireless electromagnetic devices have been main-streamed without objective, long range double-blind scientific studies, as if we are guinea pigs.

Let us not be sheep. Let’s stop labeling each other, deriding each other. Let’s do our own research. Let’s welcome debate and questioning.

Jan Taché

Penn Valley

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