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Jan Taché: Blockin the waves

Blockin the waves

In the “Wi-Fi worries” article published on Jan. 6, I am quoted. I want to clarify that so-called “dirty electricity” is a different problem from wireless pollution.

In the analysis of our home by Eric Windheim, the building biologist, there was no EMF pollution because everything in our home is wired. There was “dirty electricity” mainly from the inverters on the solar systems of our neighbors’ homes, something I had not known about.

I find it chilling that governments are eager to inundate the planet with electromagnetic wireless radiation waves that are hundreds of thousand times what biological life was designed to be nourished by, namely the very slow Schumann resonance that emanates from sunshine and the earth. We are, after all, electromagnetic beings.

It is shocking that the die-offs of so many insects, trees and birds, and the increased neurological and health disorders of so many people, including members of my family, are routinely dismissed rather than objectively and thoroughly investigated by science in our country.

When one lives with a sensitive person and witnesses the suffering endured near cell towers, one cannot shrug it off. The relief felt from blocking the waves is palpable.

Jan Taché

Penn Valley

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