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Jan Tache: 5G and the telecom ordinance

I found the article on Oct. 1, titled “Nevada City Telecom Ordinance to Become Effective within Weeks” troubling in its niggling about first, second and third readings.

Omitted was the knowledge and effort Mayor Senum has brought to this issue, her years of study, her desire to protect the community from the proven harmful effects of 5G and the unconstitutional overreach of the telecom industry enabled by the FCC.

The ordinance does not protect the community from the installation of 5G. It allows the telecoms to install small cell transmitters in residential neighborhoods and downtown, leading to harmful bombardment 24/7. There are steps that can be taken to protect residents, and more are coming via the courts. Mayor Senum presented additions and fixes to the inferior existing ordinance, which were not considered. Science and the coming worldwide groundswell of public opposition are on her side. Fiberoptic wired transmissions are safer, faster, and largely already in place.

Meanwhile only Nevada City is even trying to protect its residents. What about Grass Valley and the County? Haven’t our representatives read the thousands of scientific studies?

Don’t they care about protecting us? Why aren’t they fighting for our health?

Jan Tache

Penn Valley

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